Freelance Copyeditor (CMoS)

Since 2007 I have worked as a copyeditor for arts organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, collaborating with art historians, educators, nonprofit executives, and development officers. If you need a reliable editor who is up-to-date on the Chicago Manual of Style, familiar with the challenges of independent publishing, and deeply invested in the printed word, we should connect!

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Allison's instinct for narrative makes her an excellent editor, able to suss out what the author means to say and then effectively communicate how that person can achieve it.

Sarah Lyn Rogers, Associate Editor at Soft Skull Press

Allison is whip-smart: she is able to understand her audience and an organization's business objectives in record time. In addition to being a first-rate writer (top three I've ever worked with), she adapts with ease to various formats and styles, bringing knowledge of best practices to them all.

Sara Kabot, Marketing Strategist at Stanford University

Allison is thorough, diligent, and precise; she is literate and literary, and one of the best writers and thinkers I have encountered....She understands the nature of the subject and its audience and clearly selects the best words possible to create a direct bridge between the two—intelligently, thoughtfully, and clearly. Her editing and copyediting skills are without parallel—superb, just superb!

Irvin Ungar, Founder & CEO of Historicana, Curator of The Arthur Szyk Society