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Whether you are writing a cover letter, an essay, or a brochure, if your work is going to shine, it needs an editor. An editor is a wordsmith, honing and polishing and (sometimes) even reforging the expression of your ideas so that every word counts.

Allison head shot 2Hello there, I’m Allison. I happen to be a editor. A good one, at that. I’ve been practicing the craft since before I knew it had a name, proofing my classmates’s work and delighting in finding typos in textbooks. After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, I taught English in Beijing, China, explaining idioms till I was blue in the face (so to speak). Later at a public relations firm I learned to write as fast as I can think. Then my career in the non-profit arts took off, first at The Arthur Szyk Society and then at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University. Within months of arriving at each organization, I became the unofficial managing editor, looking over everything from wall labels to books. (Check out my Testimonials to hear what my colleagues have to say about my work; my LinkedIn profile might interest you, too.)

What do all my bonafides mean for you? When you hire me as your editor, you gain a highly educated reader, not the human version of spell check. I will ask questions and suggest alternate words; sometimes I even recommend you reorder your paragraphs. (Don’t faint if the document comes back covered in red…it always looks worse than it actually is.) I work fast without missing the details and, if relevant, I’ll probably fact check your assertions while I’m at it. For those who truly need help, rewriting is an available service. See all your options here: Work with Me.

To conclude our introduction, a list of my favorite things:

  • avocados
  • the color ruby red
  • Game of Thrones (I’m a book reader, too)
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • attending live theater (bonus if a musical)

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